4wd Winch Australia

When it comes to 4WD winches, there’s a seemingly endless list of possible winch brands, models, and prices. But luckily, when it comes to knowing which winch is best for your needs, we’re here to help. In this review, we’re going to review the popular and widely-used Smittybilt X-Factor 2 winch, which is a versatile, reliable, and affordable option if you’re looking for a powerful winch for your 4WD. The X-Factor 2 comes in several different models, with winch capacities ranging from 1500 to 6000 pounds, and 4×4 winches australia.

Four-wheel drive is a system that allows you to connect a driving axle to a driven axle, even if one or both axles are steered. In other words, four-wheel drive means that you have four wheels that can turn independently. The four wheels are connected together by links to transfer power between them. This system is meant to improve traction on difficult terrain.

Here Are The Best 4wd Winch In Australia


  • Runva Synthetic Rope Winch


This 12,000 lb. synthetic winch is ideal for working with large, heavy cargo. It mounts to your vehicle and uses a 1⁄2-inch (12 mm) diameter synthetic rope for power. This rope has a breaking strength of 50,000 lb. (22 kN), so you can rest assured your cargo is safe and secure. The winch comes with a 250 ft (75 m) synthetic rope that is permanently attached to the winch and is ready to use. The winch also has 2 welded swivel hooks, which allow you to control the direction the rope moves.

  • Drivetech, Dual Speed Synthetic Rope Winch

The 12,000 lb. Drivetech double-speed synthetic rope winch is dual speed, which means it offers two choices: full power (12,000 lb. load) or half power (6,000 lb. load). The winch has a convenient pull-start and an automatic rope braking system. The brake feature can be deactivated so the user can manually engage a brake and manually disengage the brake with a switch. The control box is weatherproof and has an IP rating of 66, so it works outside in cold climates. It has a 12-volt DC battery and a 3-prong male plug. The winch comes with a 12 ft long 3/16-inch wire rope and a 10 ft 3/16-inch hose. The rope and the hose are of good quality and will serve you well.


In summary, the winch is operated from the driver’s seat, using the vehicle’s existing steering wheel. The winch cable is led through a “whip guard” to the winch motor, where it is wound onto the desired tension. A solenoid on the winch motor then applies a braking force to the cable, holding it taut. There are no controls on the winch motor itself, making it simple to install in a car with a standard transmission.