Ticket Agent Service

Further to our own ticketing service, Centertainment acts as a sales point for Ticketmaster, Oztix, Theatre Royal, Festival of Voices.

Through our Ticketmaster service, you can book for events nationwide. This includes events at Aurora and Etihad Stadiums, the Derwent Entertainment Centre, the Regent, Comedy and Princess Theatres. To use this service, please drop by our office in the Elizabeth Street Mall as Ticketmaster enquiries and bookings can only be addressed in person.

Oztix also host sales for events nationwide. Locally, this includes The Falls Festival, events at the Odeon Theatre, the Grand Poobah and the Waratah & Brisbane Hotels. To book, please call us on (03) 6234 5998, or come in and see us at our office in the Elizabeth Street Mall.

The Theatre Royal hosts sales for both the Theatre Royal and Backspace Theatre as well as The Taste of Tasmania and Musica Viva. You may also book for these events both over the phone on (03) 6234 5998 and at the counter at Centertainment's Elizabeth Street Mall office.