Are 4×4 wheels expensive in Australia?

Are you looking for topnotch rims, wheels, or tyres in Australia? A huge range of wheels and tyres are available in the Ozzy Tyres store for the customers. The Ozzy Tyres company is manufacturing world-class tyres and wheels for many years in Australia. The company started out as 4×4 specialists and now it has grown like a banyan tree with the presence of forty outlets. The special feature of the company is that they work with all kinds of vehicle irrespective of brands, models, and sizes. The distribution centers of Ozzy Tyres are present throughout the city and hence they could cater to the needs of the customers.

Retail outlets

The retail outlets of the company are provided with wheel, tyre, and suspension experts. If you need to align your new wheels the technicians of the store serve you freely. The total time taken by these experts for fitting and balancing the wheels of the customers’ vehicle is forty-five minutes. The quality team of the company confirms the wheel fitting with utmost care and precision. Also, the store offers a five year guarantee period for their products sold to the customers. In common, the services of genuine Ozzy Tyres dealers are meeting 100% customer satisfaction.


Affordable price

The common question raised by a customer is are the best 4×4 wheels expensive in Australia? The answer is very simple No if you buy the wheels at Ozzy Tyres. The unbeatable prices of 4×4 wheels at the store entice a lot of customers in the country. The online store of the company serves the purpose of the customers. You can contact the online store for the products to your vehicle. You have the flexibility of buying the required wheels or tyres or rims for your vehicles by checking with your vehicle models and sizes with the help of the company’s website.

Customer service and other services

The fitment guarantee service is another attractive feature of the company. The services of stripping, fitting new valves, and removing the old tyres for the customers at the workshop are the major highlights of the shop. The customers can purchase the required wheels or rims at the online store or the products are delivered directly to the customer from the store. The wheels, tyres, and rims are delivered to the customers’ free basis. The free shipping process of the shop is being carried out throughout the country. The customer can contact the shop at 1300 699 699 for any services and queries.