Tips on How to Choose and Wear Your Beanie for a Stylish Look

Have you ever bought a beanie during a previous snowstorm and felt satisfied that you had done justice by saving your head and ears from the freezing weather? Well, most people have, but as soon as they arrive in their homes and take a look in the mirror, their faces turn into a frown. While the beanie might have been a savior, protecting you from the extreme cold, it might have just made you look like a kid and not a grown-up. So you immediately took it off and put it away, never to wear it again.


However, you probably have seen some of your friends wearing beanies and look stunningly great in the outfit. Which makes you ask, are beanies cool to wear in Australia? In this post, we’ll discuss a few tips to wear your beanies and look fabulous, just like your friends. Read on for more:


Begin by Choosing a Beanie According to Your Face’s Shape

First, if you have a round or square face, consider buying plain beanies. When wearing, ensure it doesn’t cover your entire forehead and ears to help make your face appear elongated. If you have prominent facial features, try similarly wearing them. However, any beanie for oval faces will make you look cool, especially cuffed types.


Wearing a Beanie with Any Hairstyle – Long, Short, or Bald

After figuring out the shape of your face, it’s time to consider your hairstyle when wearing a beanie. Finding a suitable beanie will depend on the length and texture of your hair. You want something that can complement your outfit, as well as make you feel stylish. If you have:


• Long hair – beanies can help protect your exceptional locks and conceal a bad hair day. If you have long hair, choose beanies that are not cuffed and can be pulled down half your forehead. Let part of your hair come out on the sides of your head when wearing it.


• Short hair – if you are short-haired, choose a tight-fitting, thinner beanie or one that comes with a pom-pom. It’s advisable to keep off from chunky-knitted beanies or loosely-fitting types. The beanie might appear to engulf your face since you lack longer hair.


• Bald – if you have a bald head or shaved, choosing the fisherman beanie could be a great choice. This type of beanie is meant to keep your head warm.

Styling Your Beanie for Any Occasion

However cold it is, it would be impractical to wear a beanie to a black-tie event. However, you can wear a beanie virtually on any other occasion, including:


• In the office – while you might not wear a beanie with an official outfit into a board meeting, you can still do that on your way to the office or from work. Try wearing your beanie with your winter coat, even if you have a suit under it. Consider thin, tight beanies with or without the cuffs.


• With casual outfit – thick and loose beanies are ideal for any casual outfit. For instance, you can try jeans, a knitted sweater, lace-up boots, and a cuffed beanie.



Finally, when shopping around for the ideal beanie that will bring out the cool in you, ensure you wear the type of outfit you want to match with the beanie. If you need a sleek type, wear your office outfit, and if it’s streetwear or casual, consider jeans, bomber jacket, or knitted sweater.