What is a Dogman ticket?

What is a Dogman ticket?


When you hear someone talk about dogging, they’re usually discussing the slinging techniques needed to safely move a load or how to safely direct a crane operator who is moving a load. Before you can do this, you need to have a dogman ticket.

Anyone who’s involved in what’s known as dogging work has to have a dog Man ticket. Because safely slinging loads requires more than just the ability to hook up cables or chains, you need to quickly evaluate the suitability of the lifting gear and what method is slinging is best in any situation. You need to determine the nature of the load such as its center of gravity and estimated mass to do all this most people need to take dogman courses to teach them the basics.


Once you get your dogman ticket, you can also add to it a high risk work lessons it means you’ll be able to do the following safely


  • You will be confident enough to predetermine the weight of any load before it’s lifted.
  • You’ll be able to choose the correct slinging technique for the load.
  • You’ll be able to evaluate the condition of lifting gear before any load is lifted.
  • You will mark and predetermine the lifting points on the load.
  • You will sign off on the documentation regarding all lifting procedures.
  • You will be qualified to observe the lifting of any load and make sure that it’s done with the view of the operator.

After successfully getting your dogman ticket, you will work in a variety of different industries, creating many lucrative employment opportunities. The proven ability to work competently and safely alongside a crane operator is a valuable skill and much sought after in the industry. Most dogman tickets cost $1100 to $1400.