What is Synergie skin care?

If you are active on social media (specially on those more influencer friendly like Instagram, YouTube or Twitter) you might have heard of “synergie skin care”, but you might not be too sure of what it is. Well, Synergie is a new, up and coming natural skin care brand that not only features many different benefits and amazing formulas, but also comes with a twist !

Synergie Skin was created in 2005 by Australian born cosmetic chemist Terri Vinson, who had a vey particular idea in mind: to help both men and women to fel confident on their skin at any age. She doesn’t only want to sell skin care products, but her aim is to make their clients fully understand hoz to keep their skin not only beautiful but also healthy, nourished and happy. For this, she started formulating her skin care products by only using natural ingredients without using any ethically questionable components, to be friendly even to the most delicate and sensitive skins; but not only that… Synergie skin offers you a genetic test that will test your genes and explain to you which type of skin you have, how much collagen and elasticity your skin has , how damaged your skin is… among many othersm so the professionals at Synergie can truly know the needs of your skin and recommend you products that are tailored not only to you but to the future needs of your skin.  If you like what you hear, you can shop Synergie Skin skin care online in Australia.

In addition, Synergie is also a sustainable, progressive brand that uses only healthy, natural, sustainable products and doesn’t test on animals either, which is always a plus, and Terri is not only the enterpreneur that founded the enterprise but also a female scientist, which makes her into a role model we can always look up to. All in all, Synergie Skin is an ethical, amazing brand you should look into !