Where to buy plantation shutters in Australia

Written by: iannapatt

Where to buy plantation shutters in Australia

When it comes to giving your home a unique feature and making it stand out from the rest, shutters are arguably one of the best options. They will help protect your windows from the elements and give your home a more polished, finished look, but they can also be an excellent focal point for your design scheme.


Plantation shutters have been a popular choice in the design world for centuries, and they’re not showing any signs of letting up in the 21st century either. They are versatile and stylish and can help achieve many different design themes and interior settings. In this article, we’ll explain where you can find plantation shutters in Australia, give you some great ideas for styling them, and share some of our favorite design ideas for using them as a feature in your home.


Where to find plantation shutters in Australia – colour, style, and where to buy


There are some different ways you can choose your shutters. Your colour scheme can be a significant factor when selecting the shutters for your home. As with any interior design element, it must complement the rest of your décor. The type of shutters you choose will also affect the look over all of your home and how easy or difficult they are to maintain. You may also want to consider the style you’re planning on using them. There are hundreds of different types of shutters made from various materials, but there are three main styles that we have identified as being most popular right now: bay window, French door, and plantation shutters. All three types of shutter will give you many exciting design options, so read on for some great inspiration!


Bay window Shutters: These are very similar to louvers or pleated glass, with the difference being the addition of their unique tilt feature. These can add a sophisticated touch to any room and offer plenty of scope for creative styling ideas depending on how they’re fitted in or around your house or what space they’re used in. This is generally one favored style by traditionalists who want their doors and windows finished off perfectly; however, it does require planning as you need to think about where all these pieces go within each space so that everything lines up evenly and fit nicely together.